The Center of Excellence for Unmanned and Autonomous Systems (COE UAS) is the 11th COE in the State of Washington, and the newest.

In forming a new COE, our hope is to accomplish the following within the realm of workforce and economic development in the state:

  • To make connections between industry and educational partners statewide and beyond
  • To build opportunity in the workforce for jobs in this industry
  • To work with our state’s community and technical college training programs to ensure the most relevant training and placement for graduates
  • To communicate about newsworthy events, trends, and content within the UAV/UAS industry in Washington and beyond

As a COE, we work with the following groups to create outcomes:

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of UAS/UAV products in Washington
  • Nonprofit partner organizations
  • Commercial and military organizations
  • Governmental partners, local and state senators and representatives
  • Department of Commerce and workforce and educational development organizations
  • Students/parents/educators and K-12 partners
  • Washington’s Community and Technical College System
  • Traditional four-year colleges and universities

History of this organization

This organization was originally founded through a partnership with the Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing and the Department of Transportation, along with several Washington state based senators and representatives as Washington Unmanned Aircraft Technology Coalition (WUATC). The original website was

As a coalition, the group put on a conference in Sunnyside, Wash., developed an online directory, and began to connect a burgeoning industry.


The organization will now operate as a COE with the same vision and mission of all COE’s in Washington:

Washington shall become a national model in developing partnerships among business, industry and education for the purpose of enhancing economic and workforce development initiatives to meet the current and future needs of the industries critical to the state’s economic vitality.

Washington’s Centers of Excellence shall serve as the statewide liaisons to business, industry, labor and the state’s educational systems for the purpose of creating a highly skilled and readily available workforce critical to the success of the industries driving the state’s economy and supporting Washington families.

Getting involved

If you would like more information about the organization, please contact us.


Meet the Executive Director

Mary Kaye Bredeson, executive director