The McGregor Company in Colfax WA researches new technologies and products for the farming community to help build scale and efficiencies.

The McGregor Company is located in Colfax, WA and provides innovative services, research and consulting to farmers in Washington and Idaho. From crops of wheat to lentils, peas, potatoes, and more, they offer support to farmers that will ultimately help make them more profitable and efficient. They recently did some test work with autonomous tractors from Farb Guidance Systems out of Post Falls, Idaho on local crops. McGregor’s Director of Precision Services, Dean Walker said that they wanted to test some fields with the new technology. The tractors are programmed and there is a border around the property. As they run the autonomous tractor, McGregor can gather data. The autonomous tractors in fields add “scalability,” said Walker. This is helpful on larger farms where checking on acreage can be daunting. Why would McGregor test the autonomous vehicles?  “We are the test bed, we try things that are on the edge of the normal spectrum- we are looking for the next advancement. These autonomous systems are not always race-ready – but, we ask, let’s see what this can do, does it work for this field? Sometimes there is not a fit, and we stay away from it. It’s easier for someone like us to try out.” The McGregor Company serves growers in Washington, Idaho and Oregon with the seed, crop inputs, equipment, research and advice needed to raise healthy, sustainable crops. Our customers throughout the Inland Northwest benefit from 135 years of McGregor expertise and consumers worldwide rely on the crops harvested by these dedicated growers.

The McGregor Company 401 Airport Road • PO Box 740 Colfax, Washington 99111 509.397.4355 • 800.873.8666 toll-free

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