Will an electronics lead-time apocalypse hit the UAS industry?
-Our take: Jay Schmidt of Washington’s Silicon Forest Electronics was interviewed for this story about long lead times for electric components that are delaying delivery of UAS products. 

Watch these drones string power lines along poles high above the ground (CNBC)
-Our take: A new and inventive use of drones in a dangerous job

Drones Are (Still) a Firefighter’s Nightmare (Popular Mechanics)
A fire in Colorado was allowed to rage freely for an hour thanks to drone interference.
-Our take: Be cautious and know the laws 

DJI’s Shiny New HQ Has a Sky Bridge for Showing Off Drones (Peta Pixel)
-Our take: A new use of architecture incorporating drone technology 

Shell using robots, drones to assist in cracker plant construction (The Times)
-Our take: This one incorporates drones, robots and other automation for safety and security of people