What’s the newest information in  unmanned and autonomous systems in Washington and beyond?


Autonomous Commercial Trailers

Autonomous commercial trailer deliveries have begun. They are faster, cleaner burning, and will become more cost effective as time goes on. In a word – these things are sleek! Learn more by visiting the Tesla Semi website.

Aerial Vehicles for Delivery

It’s called Amazon Prime Air, and they are still in the research phase in the United Kingdom, but will we see drone delivery in the near future? Check out their first drone delivery in England.

Urban Garden Robo-farming

FarmBot has created an innovative way to have your urban garden managed from an iPad, seeds included! Check out their website for more on how to have the robot plant the seeds, water, weed and more! They even took their idea to NASA for farming on Mars.

Education and STEM systems

Mindsi Robotics in Liberty Lake, Washington latched onto an idea several years ago that if students could work with a fun, hands-on toy, they might just learn to be engineers! Check out Mindsi Robotics and their educational program.

Flying Cars

Did the Jetson’s have it right? Can you have a flying car to shoot across the galaxy? It’s not too far off now! Check out this video on flying and autonomous vehicles that are out of this world.

Autonomous Cars

According to the Tesla website, all Tesla vehicles are equipped with an autonomous option. Check out their preview of how this works.

Autonomous Agricultural Trailers

Farb Guidance Systems in Post Falls Idaho has created an auto-pilot trailer for agricultural uses. Sit back and enjoy some iced tea on the porch while your tractor does the work! Check out their website.

Military and Defense

From aerial drones for drone strikes in war zones, to autonomous boats and even four-wheelers, if it is a new technology…and autonomous, you’d better believe the military is giving it a shot first. Check out this news page on military.com for some updates on their drone world.

Drone Taxi

If you are going to be in Dubai, you may wish to summon a drone taxi to pick you up. If the sheikhs can do it, so can you. Check out this promotional piece on their drone taxi.

What's Next?

If you can dream it…let us know what is on the horizon in the latest technology for unmanned and autonomous systems. As Indiana Jones once said, “I am a scientist, nothing shocks me.” Go ahead and shock us, marketing@coeaerospace.com.